Independent Financial Advisors

Welcome to the Financial Advisor/Mortgage Broker page. We are the Help to Buy Agent for Yorkshire, Humberside and the North East.

If you are unsure of whether or not the Help to Buy property falls within our area then please feel free to get in touch or alternatively you can check here

As the acting financial advisor for the buyer, it is your responsibility to make sure that all of the information on the application form is correct. It’s also essential that you have assessed your client’s affordability and sustainability.  

The Affordability Calculator we use to assess applicants can be found here


There are two different ways of filling out the Help to Buy application form.


This is our preferred option as it ensures that the information is accurate and we can process the application much quicker. This application needs to be filled in, printed out, signed and dated by the clients with a wet signature. It then needs to be sent to us along with the completed direct debit form and a copy of the reservation form.


This is a paper version of the application form and can be printed out and filled in by hand. This will again need filling in, signing and dating by the clients with a wet signature and then sent across to us along with a completed direct debit form and a copy of the reservation form. Please ensure the form is completed in full with clear handwriting to avoid delays.

Once we have received the application form and a copy of the reservation form, we can then check the documents within 4 working days. If the client is approved, we will then issue out an authority to proceed.


A developer isn’t showing on the drop down list of the application form, why is that?

We won’t know if a developer is in contract for Help to Buy until either the developer gets in touch and lets us know or we receive an application form with them listed as the builder. If they aren’t showing then I’d advise getting in touch with us and we can then check on the Portal to see if they are registered for Help to Buy or not.

The developer doesn’t have a reservation form, what do we do?

We have a reservation template we can send out to the builder which is very basic but captures all the information needed and this can be found on the Developer Stakeholder page. We won’t allow a Help to Buy case proceed unless we have a reservation form for the case.

What is the maximum amount of financial incentives a buyer can receive from the builder?

A builder can give the buyer up to 5% of the Full Purchase Price in financial incentives. Financial incentives are things such as Legal Fees Paid, Stamp Duty Paid, Gifted Builder Deposit etc.

I need to make some amendments to the application form that was originally sent in, how do I do this?

It all depends on what it is that needs amending. Any change to financial information or a change in plot/builders then we will need brand new documentation signed by the buyers. I would advise emailing with the amendment and we can advise on the next steps.

Can my client use the Armed Forces Help to Buy Scheme along with the Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme?

Yes - buyers can use the Armed Froces Help to Buy Scheme in conjunction with the Help to Buy Equity Loan.

For anymore queries please feel free to contact us at or on 0113 825 6888.