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Welcome to the Help to Buy NEYH developer page. Here you can find out about information such as; how to register for the scheme, how we can market your property for you as well as a FAQ section.


To be able to offer and advertise properties through Help to Buy, you must first be approved by Homes England.

Before registering for the scheme, it is extremely important that you read through the Help to Buy Participation Guidance Document. This document gives an overview of the whole scheme, how to register and the role we play as a Help to Buy agent.

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There are several ways as your Help to Buy agent we can help you with your Help to Buy marketing. Each of our online platforms can be used to advertise properties to our wide range of potential buyers across the North East, Yorkshire and Humerside. Please note, you must ensure you are registered with Help to Buy before we can advertise your properties.

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What documents do Help to Buy NEYH require once a client has reserved a property?

We require a signed Help to Buy application form and a copy of the reservation form. Once the documentation has been received it will then be checked within 4 working days.

Maximum Reservation Fee?

The maximum reservation fee a developer can charge is £500. If the applicant isn’t successful in getting approved for Help to Buy then they will be eligible for a full refund – this is part of the developers contract with Homes England.

Who claims the equity loan funds?

When a developer applies for Help to Buy they will be put in to a category of either Smaller Developer or Large Developer, this all depends on how many sales you plan on completing on in the Financial Year. If you are categorised as a smaller developer (a builder doing less than 40 units in a financial year) then we as the Help to Buy Agent will claim the equity loan funds for you. The equity loan funds can take up to 12 working days once requested.  We can’t request them until exchange has taken place and a completion date has been set so we advise developers to allow at least 12 days between exchange and completion to try and ensure funds are there on completion. A large developer (a builder doing more than 40 units in a financial year) will claim the funds themselves - Guidance will be provided by Homes England on how to complete this. 

Why am I not I receiving any approval documents?

Once a developer gets approved for Help to Buy they will appear on the Homes England Portal. We take the contact details shown on the Portal and add them on to our system. If there is someone in your office that needs to be receiving documents then we would need a confirmation email sending through from the contact assigned on the Portal before we can add them on to the system

What is the maximum amount of financial incentives the buyer can receive from the builder?

The maximum amount of financial incentives a buyer can receive is 5% of the Full Purchase Price. Financial incentives for things such as legal fees, stamp duty paid, gifted deposit. We ask builders to please make sure the financial value of these incentives are listed on the reservation form.

The valuation price of the property has come back less than the builders are selling the property for, can the case still proceed?

No. We will not allow a case to proceed if it has been valued at less than the Full Purchase Price. The property would have to be either re-valued or the builder lower the price.

What happens if the builder doesn’t have their own reservation form?

We do require a reservation form in order for us to assess an applicant for Help to Buy. If the developer doesn’t have a reservation form then we can provide a template they can fill out with the buyer. The template can be found in the useful download section.


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