The Wickham Family live in luxury!

The Wickham Family

For Jonathan & Sarah Wickham, the Help to Buy scheme changed their lives forever.
Jonathan & Sarah, both 36, previously lived in a 2 bedroom terrace house with their son. They had lived there since 2006 and it wasn’t until they found out they were having another child that they started looking for another home.
The search for a new home began in January 2017. They weren’t looking for a new build property but when they saw the New Kensington development in Great Preston, one house caught their eye. 

The couple saw the beautiful 4 bedroom detatched house, 'Plot 36' and instantly fell in love. Sarah said:
"I thought 'dream house', but there is no way we can afford it!" 

The couple first found out about Help to Buy from their Mortgage Advisor.
“I thought the Help to Buy scheme was just for first time buyers, so I didn’t think we would be eligible!”
“There is so many misconceptions out there about the scheme, it wasn’t until we were told everything about it by a Mortgage Advisor that we took an interest in it.”
After this, the process went really quickly for the pair: "The process was really quick and easy. Everything was done for us!"

The common myth with Help to Buy is how difficult it is. Sarah said
"everything is so clear, we didn't feel we needed to speak to anybody!"

The couple moved into their home in September 2017.
“After living in a small 2 bedroom terrace house, living in this 4 bedroom detached house is like luxury! We have a garage and room for parking both our cars. 
Help to Buy made our dream home a reality. Quite simply, without it, we wouldn't be in the house we are in now."

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