“Help to Buy is so straightforward. It’s a great, hassle-free service."

David Enderby & Cheryl King

Buying a house isn’t the easiest process in the world, but with the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, it’s certainly a lot easier.
We went to speak to our latest happy buyers in Morley to see how the scheme has helped them take their first step as a family on the property ladder.
Train driver Cheryl King (44) and her daughter Olivia (11) are originally from Leeds as is her train driver Fiancé David Enderby (43) and his two daughters, Caitlin (11) and Charlotte (9).
The happy couple are over the moon with their brand new Lincoln, 4-bedroom home in Morley on Barratt Homes’ new development, St. Andrews Drive.
“Before we bought the house, I lived in a flat in Pudsey. I’m divorced so I get to see my daughters every Wednesday and every other weekend but Cheryl and I lived separately before we moved in to this house.”
“And I lived in a rented 3 bedroom detached house in Morley with my daughter.”
“We had been looking for quite a while, just trying to get a feel of the market and seeing what we could afford. We needed a house that was big enough for 5 of us but more often than not there will only be 3 of us living in the house. So to find a house-type that suited all of our needs, I think it took us around a year of serious looking.”
Help to Buy is a scheme that allows buyers to get on to the property ladder or move up it with the help of a 5% deposit and a 20% equity loan, which is interest free for the first 5 years.
“We had only been looking at new homes because of the Help to Buy scheme. We knew that we wouldn’t be able to raise the funds to buy a 4-bedroom house in Morley on our own.”
“Help to Buy allowed us to get on to the property ladder due to the equity loan from the government. It basically meant that we could get a 4-bedroom home instead of a 3-bedroom house.”
“We bought with Barratt Homes, mainly due to the fact that we loved the location as it is perfect for schools and other things. We were pretty open to the developer that we bought with, but we were just really impressed with this development.”
“The full purchase price of the house was £299,950 and we put down a £70,000 deposit.”
Help to Buy is in its 4th year of assisting people on to the property ladder.
“We first heard about Help to Buy quite a long time ago now. We heard about it before we even started looking for a house. We were looking at various ways of financing a new house and Help to Buy appeared.”
“When we read in to it a little bit more, we thought it would be perfect for us.”
“I think the sceptic in us thought that there was a catch somewhere, as it sounded far too good to be true.”
“Once we read in to the scheme more and more, and checked whether we were eligible or not, it hit home how good it was. It’s just amazing.”
“It really does help, I mean we wouldn’t be sat here in this house if we didn’t have Help to Buy.”
The happy couple moved in to their lovely house this year and haven’t looked back since.
“The very first thing we did was open a bottle of champagne and just thought OMG! We’ve got a house!”
“We ran round a bit and then drank the champagne and ordered a Chinese takeaway.”
“Everything in terms of the financial side of it went great. Barratt’s put us on to a really good, down to earth solicitor at the beginning of the process who was just really helpful.”
“As far as the Help to Buy bit is concerned, it was an absolute doddle.”
“The customer care since moving in has been fabulous. We had a long list of snagging as you do with any new build house, but as soon as we told them what was wrong, they had a troop of tradesmen round fixing everything around the house.”
“We’ve not had a housewarming party yet. We might have one in the summer next year so everyone can just stand outside. We’re so proud of it, to the point of not wanting to show it to anybody.”
“Help to Buy is so straightforward. It’s a great, hassle-free service. It’s been absolutely perfect; we didn’t have a single issue with Help to Buy. It was totally pain free.”
“It was the easiest part of the whole thing.”

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