Sisters wave goodbye to renting and step on the property ladder with Help to Buy.

Hannah & Beth

We visited Hannah and Beth, sisters who recently bought their first home in Leeds using Help to Buy. Hannah, a children’s nurse and Beth, currently studying at Leeds Beckett University both grew up in Ripon and moved to Leeds for studying.
“We originally moved to Leeds for university and have stayed here ever since. We used to rent a two-bedroom apartment in North Leeds and never thought about buying a house until a couple of years ago.”
Hannah and Beth didn’t think buying a new home would be accessible for them. But when they begun house hunting, they soon realised stepping on the property ladder was well within their reach, thanks to Help to Buy.
“We didn’t initially think a new build home would be an option for us, but the help to buy scheme made it one! Plus, we liked the idea of buying new. Then we could start from scratch and really make it our own.”
Hannah and Beth explained they were always aware of Help to Buy but it wasn’t until the house searching begun that they started considering using the scheme.
“We thought ‘there must be a catch’… but there isn’t! Its really simple.”
“We didn’t have any problems with Help to Buy. It’s as simple as filling out your application form, confirming you’re eligible, and then you can be on your way to home ownership!”

Beth: “I can’t believe we were in a little flat before, paying more each month than what we do now in our two bedroom home, that will one day be 100% ours!”
Hannah: “I think it’s a really good opportunity for anyone wanting to become a home owner. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without help to buy.”
Beth: “It seems complicated but it’s actually really simple. I would urge anyone who is eligible to look into using the scheme, it’s the best decision we ever made!”
The pair are both now living in their very own two bedroom home, and it’s all thanks to Help to Buy.

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