"You get that real security that you just don’t get in a rental!”

Lindsay Parker

Shared Ownership is a fantastic scheme that has helped so many people get on to the property ladder when they thought it wasn’t possible.
We spoke to Lindsay from West Yorkshire to see how the scheme has allowed her to get out of renting and on to the property ladder.
“My name is Lindsay, I’m 47 years old and I work in a school in the finance department.”
Shared Ownership is becoming more and more well known thanks to events such as Shared Ownership week, but there are still so many people who don’t know that the scheme is here to help them.
“I first heard about the Shared Ownership scheme back in April this year. A friend told me about it and thought that I could be eligible due to my current circumstances. I decided to have a look in to it to see what it was all about and what options I had.”
“After I’d read about the scheme, I decided that I would apply. The process was very easy and you find out if you’re eligible for Shared Ownership as soon as you apply, which is great so you know if it’s worth pursuing or not.”
“It was really easy to speak to somebody about the scheme and then dealing with Wakefield District Housing was great, setting up a meeting to discuss the next steps was really easy.”
All you have to do to apply for the scheme is fill in our application form, which you can find here. It’s important to find out if you’re eligible for the scheme before enquiring about a house.
“I thought that the scheme is very, very good. I was very lucky that there is a scheme like this in place to give people like me a chance at owning your own home.”
“It’s perfect for those who haven’t got the capital for a deposit or those who can’t afford a large mortgage. It really is fantastic.”
“Before I applied for Shared Ownership I was privately renting with my son, which I had been doing for a year and a half.”
“I found a house incredibly quickly after I found out that I was eligible for the scheme. There was a development in my village where I want to buy so I went to the estate to see some of the houses. It was around a week after I applied that I found a house.”
Lindsay bought her 3 bedroom home on the Meadowbrook Gardens development in Wakefield.
“I bought a 50% share which cost £77,500. The great thing is, is that I can buy more shares as I go on!”
“My moving day was very good and the completion went through really quickly. I had a specific date that I wanted to move on as it coincided with my rent finishing at my old place, which was very tight.”
“It was great to know that everybody involved worked around my needs to make sure the entire process was as smooth as possible.”
“I completed and got the keys on a Thursday and on the Friday I had my carpets fitted and then I moved in to my home over the weekend. It couldn’t have been better!”
“I’ve not had a house warming party yet as I’ve not got any outdoor furniture but it is definitely in the pipeline!”
“Shared Ownership is a simple system to understand. You get the feeling of owning your own home, because you really do own it. You get that real security that you just don’t get in a rental.”
“It’s a much more affordable way to get the homeowner security you need without the huge costs and you can buy further shares as you go on!”
Want to find out more about Shared Ownership? Click here to read our guide.

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