“Shared Ownership is a fantastic way to get on to the property ladder!"

Kirsty Saynor

As it is Shared Ownership week, we want to shout about how amazing and underrated this scheme is.
We think that the best way to tell you about Shared Ownership is showing you real people and tell you about their journey!
We spoke to Kirsty from Wakefield to find out how the scheme has helped her.
“My name is Kirsty, I’m 25 years old and I’m a sports journalist currently working for a production house as a Production Editor, producing programmes for football and rugby clubs.”
“I first heard about the scheme when a colleague of mine bought his house through a similar scheme. I wanted to get on the property ladder myself so did some research and started looking in to options available to me.”
Many people just don’t know what the process involves, or thinks that it may be difficult to apply, but Kirsty didn’t think so!
“The process was straightforward, the only thing that got slightly more complicated was when my solicitor became involved but I was kept well informed.”
“I was renting a one-bedroom flat in Easingwold before I decided to take the next step with Shared Ownership. I was surprised to find out that I’m paying the same amount for my mortgage and rent than I was on my rent just for the one-bedroom flat!”
“I had already seen some properties with Wakefield District Housing that I was interested in before I applied for the scheme so after I had enquired I applied for the scheme with Help to Buy NEYH.”
“Shared Ownership is a great way to get on the property ladder and I can’t believe it’s not publicised widely! It was really easy to apply with Help to Buy NEYH and the process began quite quickly after I’d been approved.”
“I bought a 50% share of my home, which cost £58,500. I had to put down a £2,925 deposit, which was much more manageable than buying without this scheme.”
Kirsty bought a brand new 2 bedroom mid-terrace property on the Silkwood Gate development in Wakefield.
“My moving day was great, I had the keys by about 11am! Things went through very quickly on the day. My only advice is to make sure you ask everything you want to when you get your keys to make sure you know about everything in the house but the handover pack I received was very helpful though.”
“Shared Ownership is a fantastic way to get on to the property ladder and breaking out of the renting cycle. I’d recommend it to anyone!”

If you want to find out if Shared Ownership is for you, read our Shared Ownership Guide!

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