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Bradley Lyddon



Over 81,000 properties have been bought using the Help to Buy scheme since it first began 3 years ago.

We went to visit one of our lovely happy buyers in his brand new home.

Bradley Lyddon and his wife Agne made the brave decision to uproot their family from London to finally achieve the dream of owning a family home.

Bradley (31), a PE teacher in London and Agne (31), who works in customer service in Leeds, found that it was impossible to save money with the cost of life in London with their two children.

“We were renting in London before we moved up north. In order to save some money up we moved out of our rented house and moved in with my parents, which was fun with the four of us!”

“We reserved really quickly once we found the house. Originally we were looking to move to Wales as we knew we couldn’t afford to buy in London and my wife could have transferred to an office in wales, but then the job fell through.”

“We were in the lucky position of not having a particular place in mind so we really could find a house that suited us. My cousin, who works for a building company, gave me some information about the development we eventually bought on so we came up to have a look around.”

Bradley and Agne bought a 3-bedroom home on Albermarle Homes development, Anson Grove, which is situated in the village of Auckley, set in the beautiful South Yorkshire countryside for £140,000.

Anson Grove comprises 14 three and four bedroom homes located within a landscaped cul-de-sac. The development is just outside of Doncaster, and is located near the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and Robin Hood Airport.

There are currently 3 properties left on the development with prices starting from £239,950. 

“We came and viewed it on the Saturday and we had reserved by the Monday. We knew it would be perfect and there was the added bonus that we have family right around the corner.”

“When we initially heard about the Help to Buy scheme we knew that it was perfect for people in our situation. Once we had saved up a decent amount of money for the deposit, we got a financial advisor and we reserved with a £7,000 deposit.”

“We thought that the scheme was really helpful. Living in London and saving up money was a nightmare. We wouldn’t have been about to save a fraction of the deposit, so when the scheme came along and we had the option to put what we had down, it allowed us to buy a family home.”

“The first thing we did when we moved in was unpack. Me and my dad came up first on the Saturday and then Agne came up with my mum and the kids the day after so everything was ready for them.”

“We completed on the Friday, moved in on the Saturday. It was pretty stress free but there was a small issue with the bank as they had misread a form but we got on the phone to the financial advisor who sorted it out on the same day.”

“The customer care has been really good since we moved in. Any issues we have had they have sorted it out straightaway.” 

“We haven’t had a housewarming party yet, but we have had family over. Most of our friends are down in London so it’s a bit of a long way to come.”

“Help to Buy has definitely changed our circumstances and made this whole process much more affordable and easy to buy. When I talk with friends who have bought houses and discuss how much we are paying on our mortgage, it amazes them because they’re paying double or triple what we’re paying.”

“It’s really sorted us out.” 

For more information about Anson Grove, click here.

For more information about Help to Buy, download our Guide to Buying Your Home.

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