"Help to Buy was perfect for me"

Barry Riley

The Help to Buy scheme is a great scheme that helps people to get on the property ladder. We went to speak to Barry Riley who has recently got back on the property ladder after a seven year break.

Barry works as a consultant in Leeds and has lived in Wakefield for the past 15 years. He sold his house to fund his son’s school fees and when he found himself in the financial position he wanted to get back on the property ladder in his dream home.

When asked about where he first heard about the scheme, he said “I think it was just on the news; it wasn’t through looking at this development. That was quite a few years back and I realised then that this might be an option for me, so I’ve tracked it for a while and it proved to be perfect for my situation.”

“Help to Buy was perfect for me as I was struggling to raise a deposit and it was important that I found the right property. I only had so much money to play with and I didn’t want to buy an old semi-detached that needed work done to it. I wanted something that I could buy and do nothing to and apartments suited me well.”

The process of application to completion is very easy, Barry told us about his experience.

“I thought it was very straight forward and easy to understand. I’ve got to say my dealings with the office were easy. I didn’t have any problems at all and when I first enquired about it they expected to have a completion in three months."

"We did hit a couple of snags along the way, but it wasn’t anything to do with Help to Buy or to do with the property, it was just organising the mortgage and I used a mortgage consultant who was the wrong person so that stalled it for a while but I went back to Help to Buy and asked for an extension of one month, the answer was yes and then I completed within the extra month."

"My only worry was that the extension would not be an option, but the team were very accommodating.”

The scheme is really easy to apply to, especially with the help of our friendly team.

“I applied for it online, with the help of one of the team members who went through it all with me, it was all easy and there were no problems. I also got a good, quick decision, I wasn’t waiting for weeks, didn’t need to chase up anything, it was all smooth.”

When asked if he would recommend the scheme to other people, he said, “Oh absolutely, I couldn’t not, it’s worked so well for me and as I say without the scheme I wouldn’t be sat here now, so I’m very pleased and I’m not saying this because I’ve used the scheme, I’m saying it because it is easy to use.”

Why not take Barry’s advice and contact our team on 0113 825 6888 today, who can help you figure out the best route for you to take on your Help to Buy journey.

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