"My mortgage is less than my rent per month"

Dave Scott

New figures released by the Government showed that over 100,000 people have been able to buy their own home thanks to Help to Buy.

Around 84% of completions for the Help to Buy scheme have been first time buyers, allowing people to own their own home.

We visited the North East to speak to 35-year-old Dave Scott about how Help to Buy has enabled him into home ownership.

“I work for the port authorities down on the River Tees and I’m also a volunteer in the lifeboat crew which I have done for about six years now. I’ve lived in Redcar for the past 10 years but I am originally from Normanby.”

“Prior to this I had shared a home with my daughter and my ex partner, which we both paid for but the relationship broke down so we decided to go our separate ways which left me with the decision to find a new home.”

Due to his relationship breaking down with his partner, he was faced with the predicament of having to rent a house instead of buying a home.

“Once we knew we had to separate, I was left with the dilemma of the rental market. Luckily there were no bad feelings during the separation so I was able to stay in the same house until we had something else arranged, which also benefited my daughter as well as it provided her with an appreciation of what was going to happen.”

Location was central in his search, in order to stay close to his daughter as well as continue his work in the Lifeboat crew.

“I first moved to the area when I moved in with my partner and we were having my daughter. I didn’t initially look at this area and I would have probably ended up moving more towards Middlesbrough but now I live here and I have become involved with the lifeboat crew, I would never move away from the area.”

“Working on the lifeboat crew, I have a specific time I need to be at the station so I didn’t want to move too far away”

“My daughters school is under a 5 minute walk away from my new house. I wanted to keep some sort of steady things in her life as well so it wasn’t a massive upheaval for her.”

Despite being able to afford a deposit, Dave was unsure whether the mortgage payments would be a little too much on a sole income.

However with Help to Buy, the equity loan from the government allowed him to afford the home in the location he desired.

“When I was looking to buy, I thought that trying to get a mortgage on a sole income with only a 5% deposit and a 95% mortgage was going to be difficult.”

“When I heard about the scheme, I knew I would be able to sustain buying a home rather than renting which actually ended up being less money per month.”

After finding out that Help to Buy was the way forward, Dave began searching for new build developments in the Redcar area.

Eventually his search took him to the Keepmoat Homes ‘Havelock Park’ development where he soon found the home that he wished to purchase.

“The benefit of a new build is I know it benefits the economy as a whole as it gets people moving”

“I really liked the houses on this development, I bought my home off plan and I loved the layout. It ticked all of the boxes for me and the location is perfect as well. My house benefited me and my daughter, it is a very well planned house.”

And after moving into his new home last month, Dave would recommend Help to Buy to anyone in a similar situation.

“The application process was really easy. I worked with one of the mortgage advisers at Keepmoat and they helped me through all of the paperwork. The solicitors explained the paperwork fully and I was also emailed the documents straight away so I could have a look at them myself.”

“I would recommend Help to Buy to anybody. It was really straightforward and a lot easier than I thought it would be. It was probably the pivotal point of me being able to buy a home instead of having to rent one. I don’t think I would have been able to buy a house without the help of Help to Buy.”

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