"I've used Help to Buy twice and I love the scheme!"

Becci, who recently moved into her brand new home on a Barratts development in Leeds, has used Help to Buy twice in the past 3 years. We couldn’t wait to hear Becci’s thoughts on the scheme and hear more about her home buying journey.

“My son and I have just moved into our new build home and we love it. The location is great, close to great schools and there are so many local amenities nearby. We couldn’t have chosen a more ideal place to live, and it’s all thanks to Help to Buy!”

Here at Help to Buy NEYH, we endeavour to make the process as easy as possible for buyers.

“When I first heard about Help to Buy around 3 years ago, I remember thinking how complex it sounded. But, after discussing it with my mortgage broker, I soon realised how simple it actually is to get your head around. I looked on the Help to Buy NEYH website and read through the information packs provided on there. So after that, I didn’t need to do anything else, I knew I was going to use the scheme!”

Between 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2018, 169,102 properties were bought with the Help to Buy equity loan. The scheme has been helping buyers all over the country buy new homes that they aspire to live in.

“One of the great things about Help to Buy is that it’s allowed me to buy a home that’s more than my budget. The interest free loan is a massive help, it’s great to be able to afford somewhere like this when I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.”

Help to Buy is available on new build homes only, which means buyers can buy their homes without worrying about furnishing and renovating an older home. 

 “Living in a new build home makes everything so much easier. It is a great feeling walking into your brand new home, I am really thankful Help to Buy allowed me to do this!”

To apply for the Help to Buy Equity Loan, you just need to fill out an online application form. Our customer care team are on hand weekdays to help buyers with the application process, if and when they need it.

“I only had one small issue with my application when applying for Help to Buy. The customer care team at Help to Buy NEYH dealt with it really quickly, and didn’t cause any delays in my process. I was really impressed by the service, I would recommend it to anyone.”

“Help to Buy is a very easy process that has helped me to achieve what I probably couldn’t without it! Despite thinking it was complex at first, it’s worked out to be a really easy process and means I can live in this gorgeous home!”

Are you interested in finding out more about the scheme? Read more here.

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