"It's helped us so much"

Danny Firbank & Stacey Turner

In April this year Help to Buy will celebrate its third anniversary. The latest statistics from the Government show that in the UK 62,569 properties have been bought through the scheme and with two of our areas, Leeds and County Durham featuring in the top 6 local authorities, it’s continuing to help a lot of people buy their dream home.

With that in mind, we went to speak to another one of our happy buyer families in Farsley, Leeds.

Stacey Turner, 31 from Bradford and Danny Firbank, 28 from Farsley finally ended their mission of finding their dream home at the end of last year so they could have their very own family home for 11 year old Paris and 3 month old Leo.

“I’m Stacey, I work for a mortgage broking company and I’m Danny, I work as a printer.”

“I lived with Stacey in a property that we rented for a short time before our baby, Leo was born and before that, I lived with my parents.”

“We had been looking for a property to buy for a while. We were looking in Farsley for ages but there just weren’t any developments really. We have found out since we bought this that in this particular area, there are 8 names down for every property that is for sale.”

Stacey and Danny bought their three bedroom mews home on Chartford Homes’ Cherry Trees development in Farsely for £215,000.

“When we were looking for a home we didn’t think that there was any real value for money until we found this one. It was only when we enquired about these homes on Cherry Trees that we were really interested in buying.”

“We registered for the properties here but there weren’t any left on the first phase but luckily for us someone from the sales team rang us up and told us someone had dropped out. It was literally within hours that we put money down to reserve the property.”

“We were looking for a house to buy for around 6 months before we reserved this one.”

“Originally we weren’t particularly looking to buy a brand new house, purely because there aren’t that many new builds in the area. We had seen this one and driven past it a few times and by the time we had actually looked in to it, they had all sold.”

“All the properties we had looked at needed a lot of work doing to them, and we just didn’t have the money for that. The only properties we could afford all needed full renovations and with the baby, it wouldn’t have been suitable for us.”

“We first heard about Help to Buy when it first came out in 2013 due to Stacey working at the mortgage brokers. We have also seen adverts for the scheme.”

“We think that the scheme is really good. It has helped us so much. We wouldn’t have been able to buy what we have done or what we wanted without it.”

“We would have been looking to buy something that was run down and doing it up because it’s all we could have afforded, definitely not something fully done out like this. We just moved in and put our touch on things rather than having to spend a fortune on changing everything or doing things around what the previous owner had done.”

“The first thing that we did when we moved in to the property was organising getting the carpets fitted.”

“Our moving day wasn’t really that stressful as we got the keys a week before due to a crossover with Stacey having the baby. We wanted to make sure everything was in this house before we moved in.”

“We got the keys on 4th December 2015 but didn’t actually move in until the week after. It worked quite well because we did a few trips during the week and then we got a removal firm to do the rest on the day we moved in. It was pretty much liveable straight away.”

“We haven’t had a housewarming yet, we’re going to wait until summer to have people round.”

“Help to buy has helped us not settle for second best. We’ve got exactly what we wanted thanks to the scheme. It would have been a much longer path to get the house we wanted, it’s just helped us get there quicker.”

For more information about the Cherry Trees development, click here.

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