Family of 6 find their forever home!

The Colleran Family

We went out to visit Elaine who has just moved into her brand new home after using the Help to Buy scheme. The family of 6 moved into their 4 bedroom detached home last month after falling in love with Redrow's Weavers Chase development.

The family have always lived in the same area, moving from house to house and never finding their 'forever home'. Although they weren't initially looking for a new home, when they saw the stunning Redrow development being built nearby, they thought they'd take a look. 

After falling in love with the house, they thought about their different buying options. Their neighbours told them about the Help to Buy scheme and how it had worked for them.

Elaine did her research about the scheme, she said "I looked on the website and read other peoples Help to Buy stories. I thought the scheme was just for first time buyers, but when I spoke to the Redrow team, they assured us that we would be eligible for the scheme even though we were already home owners."

"The help to buy allowed us to have a better quality of living. When 5 years has passed and we start to repay the loan, our older children will have moved out and we can prioritise the repayment. Only needing a 5% deposit meant we could spend more money on furnishing the house and childcare."

When first hearing about the scheme, she was unsure about it. Thinking 'whats the catch?' Redrows inside team visited them and explained the scheme and they applied straight away! 

"The Help to Buy process was not long at all. In fact, the offer came back quicker than the mortgage offer. It was straight forward; we submitted the form and was offered it within the next 2 weeks! We had no issues at all, it was such an easy process."

"Help to Buy enabled us to settle in our final family dream home. It was easy, quick and we have got this beautiful home! I would recommend it to everybody. The help you get for buying a new house is fantastic. 5 years before loan repayment is the perfect amount of time as it gives time for house prices to settle, for you to settle in and to save too!"

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