"Definitely do not dismiss this scheme!"

Zoe & Michael Evans

Buying your first family home is exciting, and searching for the right place can take a while but once you've found your dream home, it's time to get the ball rolling. 

That was certainly the case for our latest happy buyers. Zoe (33) and Michael Evans (34) had had enough of renting, and after Zoe found part time work that fit around her family life, it was time to save up a deposit for their first family home. 

We caught up with Zoe in her brand new home where she told us all about their experience. 

"I'm Zoe, I have two part time jobs where I work at my kids school as a lunch time assistant for an autistic boy and I also work in a local convenience store in Featherstone on evenings." 

"Michael works as a sales assistant for Euro Carparks in Doncaster and Louis (8) and Layla (5) attend the local primary school." 

"Michael is originally from Bristol so I moved down there in 2003. We eventually moved back up in 2008 after Louis was born. We had been private renting since about 2005 and we hadn't thought about buying a property as we always knew that we would eventually relocate back up to the Featherstone area." 

"Saving up a deposit was really difficult until I managed to get the part time work up here as that really helped us add money to the deposit pot." 

The family bought their brand new home on Taylor Wimpey's Colliers Court development in Featherstone for £139,995 with a £7,000 deposit. 

The development of 2, 3 & 4 bedroom homes is ideally located near to Castleford and has a range of amenities close by with prices ranging from £139,995 - £162,995. 

"We started looking for a house in June 2015 when we heard that this site was being built. When the plot came up we went to look at it and we reserved in January 2016." 

"We always had a new build house in mind as we were concerned that if we bought an older property we wouldn't be able to maintain the upkeep due to the financial constraints of an older home. If anything went wrong we would have struggled to fund the repairs and then we seen this scheme come up and decided that it was the only way we could get on to the property ladder." 

Help to Buy has helped thousands of people get on to the property ladder in the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside area allowing people to put down a 5% deposit and utilising the 20% interest free for 5 years equity loan meaning you only have to fund 75% of the property. 

"We first heard about the scheme last year when we visted the show homes on the development. We went in to the sales office to ask for some advice and that's when they told us about the Help to Buy scheme. Taylor Wimpey recommended a mortgage advisor to us so we rang up and went through our circumstance and the scheme itself." 

"We thought the scheme was absolutely great and we were so impressed with it." 

"We got the keys on the Friday and I had been on a school trip so as soon as I got back we went to get the keys." 

"Move in day was just a whirlwind and we were doing trips to and from the old house to move all our stuff in." 

"It went really well. We did have the children with us but we've been that used to moving due to renting that we've got a good system going. We're pro's at moving!" 

"All the monies transferred on time and I received a call at around 12pm to let us know that everything was completed and the keys were ready to collect." 

"We haven't had a housewarming party as such yet, but we have had little family BBQ's when the weather has been nice." 

"The scheme really is excellet. Everyone who is thinking about buying a house should seriously consider going for Help to Buy. Definitely don't dismiss it as an option!" 

For more information about Colliers Court, click here.

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