"It was the only way!"

Dale Jacobs

After two years of deliberating, Dale and his wife took the plunge and put their first house on the market and 6 months after the sale of their first home, they had moved in to their new family home.

We spoke to Dale about his decisions to move from his 2 bed semi-detached house and how Help to Buy has helped with him and his family moving in to the house of their dreams.

“I work for KPMG as a management consultent, my wife and I are 30 and we have a 2 year old son.”

“We previously owned a 2 bed semi-detached house in Morley in Leeds. It was our first house that we bought and we lived there for just under 6 years. We lost some money on it, even though it wasn’t a lot, we hadn’t paid that much off the mortgage which impacted our available deposit.”

“We wanted to move house for a while, I’d say for about 2 years. We kept getting valuations but we weren’t getting the news that we wanted to hear. It got to the point were we just thought that we need to bite the bullet and just do it so we put our house on the market in August 2013 and it sold in March 2014.”

“The deposit was an issue as I guess we could afford more in the repayments than we actually had a deposit to secure a house. We had quite a small search area as we wanted to be in Wetherby and house prices were more expensive there than where we were moving from, so we had to just sort of change our budget.”

Dale and his wife dreamt of living in a new build, but with their budget they could only afford older houses.

“We had discussed new builds, we’ve always said we wanted to live in a new build but we also only wanted a house in Wetherby. We never though we would be able to afford one there, so we had sort of ruled it out because we couldn’t afford it.”

“I’d heard of Help to Buy in the news more than anything else at the beginning of this year. I didn’t know that much about it until I looked in to it a little bit more.”

“My first impression was that it was more for first time buyers than anything else. I’d heard more about the mortgage guarantee rather than the equity loan, so it wasn’t until I started researching in to it further that I realised that it was applicable to us.”

“Help to Buy was the only way we would have been able to afford the house. There was only one development with new build houses in Wetherby and with Help to Buy it was affordable.”

“When we looked in to it a bit more and we realised we were eligible, we were over the moon. We had already looked around houses that we could afford without Help to Buy and we were a bit disheartened because they all needed so much work done to them.”

“We could afford the mortgage but we just didn’t have the cash to renovate a house so we were so happy when we realised Help to Buy was an option for us.”

“The application was straight forward really. It was a pretty basic form that we needed to fill in and then we just sent it off, from our perspective it was really easy.”

“We had to renew our application as well as our house was delayed for a few months. The renewal process was really easy, we just had to fill in the form again and emailed the team and that was it.”

Dale, his wife and son moved in to their new home on 19th September 2014.

“As far as the Help to Buy side of it is concerned, it was sort of invisible to us. We didn’t need to anything, as far as we were concerned it all went through pretty seamlessly.”

“The developers are called CFK Developments. We wanted a family home with a garden our son could play in, and that’s what the houses on the development offered to us. It’s a great location for schools and is just walking distance from Wetherby town centre as well.”

“I would definitely recommend Help to Buy to other people in our situation. I tell people about it because I think the name makes people think that it is only for first time buyers. At least 5 or 6 of the 9 plots on our development have bought using Help to Buy, so it has definitely proven popular on our development.”

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