Buying off plan

September 2019
When buying a brand new home with Help to Buy, you'll often find you have the opportunity to purchase off plan. 

What does 'off plan' mean?

The term 'off plan' is often used when new build developers are selling homes. Although it sounds technical, it basically means you'll be reserving your home before it has been built. 


Why would I reserve off plan?

Developers often give you the chance to reserve off plan so you don't miss out on your favourite plot. Usually, as soon as a development is released, homes are available to reserve off plan.


How will I know what my home is going to look like?

Developers should provide you with floor plans and a site map. Floor plans will show you the dimensions and layout of each room and the site plan will show you exactly where your plot is positioned on the development. 

More often than not, you'll be able to see a CGI of your home. This will show you the external look of your plot, and the brick finishing. 

If you're lucky, the developer might even have a show home of your house type. This will mean you can walk around the plot and get a feel for what it would be like to live there. Also, you can get some interior tips for your brand new home!


What are the perks of reserving off plan?

Although it sounds daunting, reserving your home off plan brings many advantages. Here are a few:

Personalise your home

If you reserve your home before its been built, you often get the chance to choose your tiles and kitchen. One of the great things about buying a new home is personalising it how you want it, and often there are cut off dates for this incentive. If you wait until the home is built, developers sometimes have to put in standard kitchens and tiles so the home can be ready to move into. 

Don't miss out!

Reserving your home off plan can mean you bagsy your favourite home before anyone else. Someone else might have their eye on your favourite plot, so there is no time to waste if you've found your forever home! Reserving off plan gives you the opportunity to get there first. 

Fixed price

It’s important to remember, buying off-plan means that you’re agreeing to the price before the development is complete. So the property value may increase between the time you reserve, and the time you come to move in.

Watch your home being built!

Starting your home buying journey when your house hasn't been build yet is a really exciting concept. You can see the first brick being laid, right up until the roof is put on! Imagine watching your own home being built... sounds good, right?!

Help to Buy is available on brand new homes only. Meaning you could reserve your home off plan, with just a 5% deposit. Browse all available homes here.