Getting ready for autumn in your new home

September 2016

Autumn gets a bad name as it means the end of the summer months, but it still has a lot to offer! It brings the change in the weather and on a good autumn day, there’s nothing better than clear skies and a crisp, fresh feeling in the air.
Getting your home ready for autumn and the change in weather requires a bit of organisation but it’s definitely better to be prepared!
If you use your garden a lot in the summer, it’s probably a good idea to start storing your patio furniture somewhere dry and safe to save it from the elements that are heading for us. It’s essential to protect items from the harsher autumn and winter weather, especially things like wooden benches or patio sets.
Even though it’s not the nicest job to do, on a dry day it is worthwhile picking up all the leaves (if you have any!) that have fallen off the trees to make it safe as leaves can cause the ground to become slippery.
If you have any decking in your new garden, it’s best to protect it by giving it an extra coat of paint and treatment to make sure it survives the winter months.
It is now that you need to be thinking about doing an autumn weed and feed for your grass to make sure it has all it needs to remain neat and tidy and provide it with enough feed to last the autumn months.
Home Exterior
Even though you have a brand new home, it’s always best to check if everything is in working order, as it should be, to avoid any nasty surprises in the autumn/winter months.
You should consider getting your roof checked for damages and potential leaks and ensure all seals on windows and doors are in good condition.
You should check your gutters and make sure they’re clean so there won’t be any blockages that you have to deal with in the coming months.
As your house is brand new, there shouldn’t be any problems, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!
Home Interior
Autumn is full of amazing colours and making your home ultra cosy is lots of fun. As you’ll be spending more time indoors, you should consider investing in some staple autumn pieces so you can shut the curtains and settle down when you get home from work.
We suggest that you invest in some autumn scented candles to set the mood and purchase some blankets and autumn coloured cushions to really transform your home.