Frightening Fancy Dress

October 2016

With the food and drink sorted, it’s time to move on to your costume. Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween if you didn’t dress up, so we’ve come up with some creative and unique costumes to stand out form the crowd.

'Day of the Dead' inspired make-up

For a unique and easy halloween costume, just follow this simple tutorial that will give you the perfect Mexican 'Day of the Dead' look.

You will need:
- White face paint
- Red & black eyeshadow
- Black eyeliner
- Red eyeliner/lipliner
- Red gems

Step 1:
Cover your face completely in white face paint! Follow it down to the jaw and avoid getting any on your neck.

Step 2:
Take the red eyeshadow and colour in two large circles around the eyes, you'll want to go just above the eyebrows.

Using your black eyeshadow, you want to cover your eyelids and line just underneath your lashline. Then using the black eyeliner, colour in your nose and create two sharp points on the bridge of your nose.

Step 3:
Next take the black eyeliner and draw a line from your lips all the way along the cheeks and add two little swirls on the end and then repeat on the other side. Then add vertical lines all the way along the lips.

Step 4:
To create the spider web, start by drawing a straight line down the centre of your forehead and then branch off with 2 more lines, following the shape of the red circles and then fill in the remaining lines.

Create a kind of 'M' shape over your eyebrows and leave enough space between your brows and the spider web to shade in some black and red.

Step 5:
Now it's time for the fun part! Use some eyelash glue to stick gems around the circles on your eyes for the ulitmate Halloween make up look!

Dead man walking

Here's one for you gents! We've kept it pretty simple and it's super cost effective, so anyone can do this!

You will need:
- A shirt (that you don't mind getting ruined!)
- Jeans
- Shoes
- Fake blood
- Black eyeliner/face paint

Step 1:
Using the fake blood, pour it over your neck, making sure it drips down on to your white shirt for a creepy effect.

Step 2:
Grab the black eyeliner/face paint and smudge it roughly around your eyes, blending it on to your cheeks and all the way up to your eyebrows.

Told you it was simple!

Wicked Warewolf

This is one for the little boys!

Kids are lucky that Halloween costumes are packed in to most shops with lots of different choices. This one in particular is from Asda and is just £11. It even comes with built in wolf sounds for the perfect little boys fancy dress costume!

Perfect Pumpkin

Your little pumpkin will look adorable in this fancy dress outfit from Asda. With a little headband to finish off the outfit, any little girl will love this dress, as will the parents as it's only £9!

Come back on Halloween for our last instalment of this years Halloween special!