Deadly Drinks

October 2016

Now that we’ve got the food sorted it’s time to get cracking on the drinks – arguably the most important part of any successful party.

Using items you might have laying about the house, or ingredients you can pick up easily and cheaply from any local supermarkets, we’ll be looking at 6 scary drinks!

Easy Potion Punch

We thought we’d start off simple, but this is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids!
  • You can use any glass but the old fashioned ones give a spooky feel
  • Pour sherbet into the bottom of each glass
  • Pour over 7UP and watch as the drink bubbles and fizzes up
Green Goo

Another easy one and great for kids’ parties!
  • Pour Sprite into a plastic cup, filling ¾ of the cup
  • Fill the rest with ice (this will make it easier for the millions to float)
  • Add your millions and watch as some float and some sink, creating a great looking drink
For the added spook-factor add some black straws and grab some Halloween sweets to create the ultimate Halloween drink for kids!
Bone Chillin’ Brew

Here’s an easy one to make in batches and the kids can help themselves! For the added wow factor add the spooky floating hands.
  • A few nights before your party fill up several surgical/plastic gloves with water, tie a knot in the base, and freeze.
  • Just before you serve the punch cut open the glove and you’ll be left with an eerie ice hand, excellent for cooling drinks and creeping up any punch
  • For the punch you can add a selection of fruit juices and top it up with lemonade. Try a mix of Cranberry with Orange or Apple, anything goes!
Witches Cauldron

This is a great one to make in batch quantities, and has an eerie green glow:
  • 750ml (1xbottle) Midori (melon liquor)
  • 1 ¾ L Orange Juice
  • 350ml Vodka (1/2 bottle)
  • Lemonade or soda water
Put all the ingredients into a large bowl, or if you’re going all out – a carved pumpkin, then give it a mix.

Freeze lime wedges or lime halves to keep the punch cool without diluting the flavour.
Keep ice separate for guests to add as they please.
If you have more or less guests just halve or double the quantities!
Vampires Dream Cocktail

This blood-red cocktail is simple, tasty, and won’t break the bank.
Per glass:
  • 60ml Spiced Rum
  • 80ml Cranberry/Pomegranate Juice
  • 80ml Pineapple Juice
  • Splash of Grenadine
This sweet and fruity cocktail makes for easy sipping and will sit perfectly on your drinks table.
Spiced Rum can be swapped for White Rum, Gin or Vodka – anything that takes your fancy!
Spooky Screwdriver

This is the simplest cocktail on our list, consisting of only two ingredients!
  • Fill your glass ¾ with orange
  • Use the back of a spoon to slowly layer black vodka on top of the orange (Eristoff black vodka would be our recommendation)
This is a crowd pleaser and with the colours you couldn’t get much more Hallowen-ey.

Keep an eye out for our next blog in the series, we're talking frightening fancy dress!