Gruesome Goodies

October 2016

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re here to show you how to throw the party of the year. Whether you’re catering for your kids or a group of friends (who act like kids) this is the blog for you.

In this 4 part special, we are going to give you lots of hints and tips on how to prepare for the best Halloween party you could possibly think of! For more ‘spooktacular’ suggestions, check out our Pinterest board to make sure you throw the ultimate party!

Poison Toffee Apples

These poison toffee apples are a great addition to any party. Make them by following these instructions:

  • 400g granulated sugar
  • 177ml water
  • 118ml liquid glucose/light corn syrup
  • Few drops of black gel food colouring
  • 6 Granny Smith apples (or 12 small apples) 
  • Grease a piece of baking paper and place on a tray/baking sheet.
  • Insert bamboo skewers in all the apples and set aside.
  • In a medium pot, combine the sugar, water, glucose/corn syrup and food colouring and stir over medium heat until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture feels smooth when you rub it between your fingers.
  • When the sugar has dissolved, turn the heat up and wash the sides of the pot down with a pastry brush dipped into clean water to prevent crystals from forming.
  • Allow the caramel to boil until it reaches the hard crack stage (150°c/310°F).
  • Carefully dip the apples into the hot candy mixture and place on the baking paper to set and cool for approximately an hour before serving.
Witch Hat Cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for children’s parties! They’re easy to make and to save on time, all you need to

  • Ice-cream cones (chocolate)
  • Ready made chocolate cupcakes
  • Green piping icing
  • Green and brown fondant icing
  • Yellow/gold icing pen
  • Get one of your ready made cupcakes and pipe the green icing in a swirl design on to the top
  • Cut out circle shapes out of the brown fondant icing that are a cm bigger than the widest part of your ice-cream cones to make the brim of your witches hat. Place it in the middle of your cupcake
  • Place your ice-cream cones on top of the circle and cut out thin strips of the green fondant icing and wrap round to conceal the join
  • Finally draw a square on to the green strip to create the buckle of the witches hat and you’re done!
Gingerbread Zombies

These gingerbread zombies are perfect for any party. So easy to create, follow this simple recipe so they make an appearance at your party!
  • Ready made gingerbread men
  • Icing pens in various colours
  • Get creative! Draw whatever you see fit for a zombie.
Pumpkin Pretzels

These little pumpkin pretzel treats are perfect for a Halloween snack!
  • Pretzels
  • Orange food colouring
  • Green M&M’s
  • White chocolate for melting
  • Melt the white chocolate
  • Add some orange food colouring
  • Dip in your pretzel
  • Place a green M&M in the join of the pretzel
  • Place on a wire wrack to dry
Come back next week for part 2, where we show you how to make some deadly drinks!