How To: Care for your autumn garden

October 2016

Autumn is an amazing season, filled with wonderful colours and scents, so we’ve created this blog to tell you how to care for your garden this season.

If you’re an autumn fan, you can stop your garden from going in to winter hibernation by embracing the autumnal atmosphere. You can add splashes of colour with berries and winter plants to show off your lovely garden, which won’t let it fade in to the background until next year.

Even though it seems like it rains for months on end, autumn can provide some dryer spells that can be detrimental to your garden. The answer to this problem is to conserve water. You can do this by:
  • Placing water-retaining gel in your pots and watering plants and shrubs more sparingly
  • Invest in a water butt to collect rain water for those dryer days
It hasn’t even been Halloween yet, but the shops are full of Christmas goodies so no one will judge you for preparing for Christmas now. After all, it is only 11 Mondays away!

You can start preparing flowering plants by forcing certain flowers such as hyacinths to bloom early so that you can display them indoors over Christmas and New Years.

To do this, you’ll have to act now though! Choose your bulbs that have been specially treated and plant them in planters filled with compost. Make sure you keep them well watered and in sunlight (when it’s sunny!) and you’ll see the results around December time.

Whilst we’re on the topic of planting, now is the best time to start sowing the seeds for spring! Believe it or not, it’s best to plant your bulbs as soon as possible after buying them as they do have a short shelf life and won’t survive long after the planting date.

We suggest planting things like snowdrops, daffodils and tulips as they look great when spring comes around. Check that they are nice and firm before planting and choose a spot in your garden that gets the most sun.

You should ensure that the soil is weed free before planting and then planting them 3 times as deep as the bulb is wide. You should give them a good watering after you’ve planted them and then let the autumn and winter weather take over before seeing how great your efforts were when they flower next year.