How To: Get organised for moving day

November 2016

After saving for what feels like a lifetime, studying mortgages and becoming an expert at analysing interest rates, you’ve finally got your keys!

It can be daunting once you’ve got the keys to know what to do next, so we’ve put together this handy guide to help you get prepared for your moving day.
  • Tea makes everything okay
Everyone loves a tea break, especially when you’re moving house. If it’s all hands on deck it’s likely everyone will be glad of a sit down (or a stand up if you don’t have chairs yet!) and a cup of tea.
On your first trip to the new house, make sure that your fridge is switched on so that it can be getting down to the right temperature if it isn’t on already.
Our advice is to create a little ‘emergency tea break’ package. When you’re packing up to move, make sure that you put your kettle, mugs and a couple of spoons in a box, along with some tea bags, coffee, sugar and milk so you’re not trying to find everything when moving is in full swing.
  • Check the numbers
Find your gas and electricity meter and write down the start numbers from when you moved in. You will be responsible for paying the bills from the day you moved in, so getting an accurate reading will stop you paying more than you should be paying.
  • Get connected
Once you have found out the date you can move in, call up the provider you would like to go with and tell them the date that you would like them to come around and connect your broadband and phone line.
Organising this before you move in will save on waiting times and hopefully mean that there are less issues and any that do come up can be sorted sooner rather than later.
  • Bills
The excitement of moving often means that you forget to do all the menial tasks such as updating your new address on things such as your driving license, bank account, place of work and anywhere that you get post from. You can use the post office redirect service for a fee but you will be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting all of your letters through.
You will also need to set up accounts with your gas, electricity and water suppliers. You can either stay with the ones that the developer set you up with or you can change to one that you would rather be with.