Top tips on how to add colour to your home

March 2016

If you can’t make your mind up about what colour scheme you want in each room of your brand new house, check out this blog full of tips on how to fill your home with colours.

#1 Storage

If you have lots of things in drawers and you always forget about them then these storage boxes are perfect!

#2 Bright Knives

Add some colour to your kitchen with this wonderfully bright knife set!

#3 Bright Clock

Add a splash of colour on to a white wall for an instant transformation.

#4 Photo wall

Paint some clothes pegs in bright colours and attach pictures across your wall on some string to create a cool feature wall that you can change up whenever you like!

#5 Wine glasses

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen with some lovely coloured wine glasses!

If you want some more inspiration, check out our pinterest board!