Uses for your spare room

June 2016

Having a spare room can be a blessing and a curse; its great to have an extra room in your house, but as a family it’s hard to agree on how to use the space.

Whether you’re looking for a more practical use for the room, or something more fun, we have plenty of great ways you can make use of the extra space.

#1 Practical Ideas


- Guest bedroom: If you live away from family and friends, it can be handy to have a spare room where people can visit and stay over. Just pop in a double bed, a bedside table and storage for clothes. Keep the décor neutral to suit every taste, with a few decorations and personal touches to make it feel like home. 

- Home office: If you work from home a lot, this is a great way to use your spare room so you can separate work from home life. Use vibrant colours to get your creative juices going, and put up pictures and mood boards for inspiration. Have your desk looking out of a window so you don’t feel too isolated, and keep the space organized and free from clutter.

- Storage room: Many people use their spare room as a junk room; using the space for extra storage is a great idea, but make it more orderly! Use proper storage units and drawers to keep all your families belongings organized, and have regular clear outs. The bonus of this room is it doesn’t need much decorating!

- Exercise space: You can designate this extra space to do home workouts or yoga where you won’t be afraid of breaking anything! You don’t have to kit it out with a full gym, just put in some essential equipment and maybe a TV or laptop if you want to follow online workouts. Use a bright colour to make you feel energized!  

- ​Kid’s playroom: To save your house from too much mess, create a special kids playroom where you can store all their toys and give them a place of their own to play. Use clever storage systems such as benches/chairs with storage underneath to keep the toys and dressing up things.

#2 Slightly indulgent ideas


- Relaxation room: Create a room where you or any of your family can relax by yourself in peace and quiet. You don’t even have to put furniture in, just throw cushion, rugs and blankets on the floor, creating the perfect place for relaxation. Use cool colours to promote a relaxing atmosphere.

- Dressing room: Make your dreams of a glamorous dressing room come true! If your bedroom is a little small, keep all your clothes and beauty items in here so you have your own space to get ready. Make it like a real dressing room with a vanity table, makeup organizers and a large mirror.

- Reading nook: If you’re a keen reader, why not create a reading nook where you can escape and unwind with a good book. Simply decorate with comfy chairs, cushions and lots of book shelves, and use a warm-toned colour scheme for a cosy feel

- Napping room: However old you are, everyone loves a good nap! Create a room especially for naps that’s separate from your bedroom. Use a large lounge chair or comfy sofa bed with cushions and blankets so it doesn’t feel like an actual bedroom.

- Cinema/games room: Enjoy a family film night in the comfort of your own home with a cinema room. You can even put some games in there and a PlayStation so its a separate space from the family living area. Use a big projector against the wall to create an even better cinema experience.

#3 Crazy ideas!


- Indoor garden: If you don’t have much of an outdoor garden, or just love relaxing in nature, create an indoor garden with loads of potted plants and flowers. Use earthy tones and textures to bring the outdoors into your home.

- Mini spa: Save on the price of going to a spa and create your own mini spa at home! Even though it won’t be like the real thing, you can put in a massage table, and keep all your pampering products in their so you have a space to treat yourself and relax.

- Private bar: Love the idea of having your own bar at home? Kit your spare room out with fancy cabinets to store all your alcohol, leather chairs or stools, oak tables, and use dark colours such as red and black. If you can’t afford to put a proper bar in, just use a stylish bar car.