Maximising your storage space

June 2016

Whether your home is spacious or a little on the smaller side, there’s always opportunities to maximize your storage space and create extra room you didn’t know you had!

Try these clever tips and tricks to make the most of your home.

#1 De-clutter!

The first step in making the most of your space is to de-clutter and get rid of everything you don’t need, then either recycle it or donate to charity. This will clear your space out and give you a blank canvas to work with.

#2 Utilize “dead” space

There are so many nooks, crannies and empty spaces in your home you don’t even realize are there that can be used for extra storage! Add in removable shelves to empty closet space, make the most of the tops of kitchen cabinets, put clever storage solutions under your bed and buy some corner shelving. In your bathroom you can put in a floating shelf above the sink or even buy a removable over-the-sink shelf to store your essentials, and slim storage is specially made for those spaces in between furniture such as in your kitchen and even bathroom.

#3 Purchase clever storage solutions

Shops such as IKEA and other home stores are filled with every kind of storage unit imaginable, to really make the most of your home. A Lazy Susan can be put in your kitchen cupboards to help save space and make items easier to reach. Use a shower curtain with pockets, purchase fold up furniture and multipurpose items such as a bed with space under the mattress or underneath the bed, hollow benches and ottomans with storage space inside.

#4 Embrace vertical storage

We often forget about how much space we have vertically in our homes, with floor to ceiling cabinets and book shelves making the most of all those forgotten high up spaces (just keep a small ladder handy). Stack kitchen trays vertically to save space and for easy access, add a second rod in your wardrobe below the top one, and keep things like DVDs and games in boxes vertically to fit more in and avoid a jenga situation.

#5 Hang it up

There’s loads of ways to hang up your items from a hanging pot rack in your kitchen to over the door hanging racks. Command hooks or permanent ones have multiple uses to save space, as do over-the-door shoe holders, which can be used for not only shoes, but for beauty items, jewellery, cleaning products and anything else you can think of! Another handy tip is to fix a plastic shower hook to your clothes hanger to store your scarves and ties.

#6 Lazy storage

Baskets and boxes are the best way to store things, especially for people who just like to throw things in! You can have a basket/box to categorize items too with sticky labels, with plastic boxes being the most practical as you can see everything that’s in them! Using baskets keeps things organized with minimal effort, and saves loads more space than displaying items individually.

#7 Ideas for limited space

 If your house is on the smaller side and lacks essential space, don’t worry as there is something you can do! Don’t have a proper entrance hall? Create a “landing pad” with a small table, catch all dishes, coat hooks and small baskets. Not much room for a living room coffee table? Buy or make a long slim table to fit behind your sofa or a wooden sofa arm wrap. Does your home lack a dining area? Fit in a breakfast bar or buy a narrow console table to put against the back of your sofa.