How to freshen up your home for summer

June 2016

Summer is finally here, (someone better let the weather know!) and its time to give your new house a summer make over.

Give yourself a stress free summer by sorting out your home and transforming it in to a summer paradise.

We’ve created this list of tips on how to create the ultimate summer home so you can just go ahead and implement it in your home!

Top Tip #1 – Add bright colours


The key with this tip is to not do something drastic like painting your walls bright pink, but it is to subtly introduce bright colours in to your rooms. 

The best way to do it is to create a blank canvas in your home and use soft furnishings like cushions and bedding to add colour.

Use the 80/20 rule, which is basically use 80% neutrals and 20% bright colours. This way you don’t overwhelm the room and run the risk of making it look too busy.

Buy things like bright coloured cushions to go on your neutral coloured sofa, or a bright lampshade or a bright rug. This way it will brighten up your whole room and not cost a fortune or take up a lot of your time.

The beauty with this is that it’s changeable. You can have a different colour scheme for each season!

Top Tip #2 – Spruce up your garden


Even though the UK isn’t renowned for its glorious summer weather, we do get the odd nice week here and there. Putting the legwork in now means that when we do get a bit of sun, you’re not wasting relaxation time on making your space look nice.

Making your garden look nice isn’t always about actually gardening…it can be as simple as painting your shed a nice colour and adding some outdoor decorations.

Adding pretty pots to your patio area, which can be bought pre-planted so you don’t have to can offer a bright display and an instant pick me up for your garden.

Investing in good garden furniture or BBQ means that you can relax comfortably in your garden once all the hard work is done. Create an environment that you’re proud of and invite your friends and family round for the perfect summer evening!

Remember that fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas…adding some lights outside creates the perfect ambiance and means you can stay out late in to the summer nights!

Top Tip #3 – Clean out your freezer


It’s easy to forget about what you’ve got in your freezer, but the summer months call for freezer space! Whether it’s stocking up on ice, or ice cream, stuffing the drawers full of ice-lollies or making room for frozen cocktails – now is the time to get rid of unwanted frozen food. 

A good rule to go by is throw away anything that isn’t in date or freezer burned and covered in ice. Chances are you won’t eat it in the future so don’t let it take up space.

Take everything out of the freezer and give it a general clean and then load it back up again and stock up with loads of summer favourites so you can be BBQ ready!

Top Tip #4 – Change up your bedding


Much like adding bright colours to your home, it’s a perfect time to transform your bedroom in to a summer paradise.

It’s time to pack away your warm duvet and swap it for a lighter tog (although as we’re in England, keep the warmer duvet on hand as the weather loves to turn!) so you can keep nice and cool in the summer heat.

Now is the time to buy some new bedding with bright summer colours, which will brighten up your room. Add lots of cushions and a throw that complement the colour scheme you have chosen for the ultimate summer look. 

Top Tip #5 – Hang mirrors and photo frames up


Mirrors make rooms look much bigger than they are and they create a light and airy feel to a home.

Mirrors don’t have to cost a fortune and there are loads of shops that offer great value mirrors, like The Range and Dunelm Mill.

You could design a ‘picture and mirror wall’. Basically all you have to do is hang up some photo frames and fill them with a mix of photos and typography to create a cool effect and don’t forget to include a big mirror!

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