5 key steps to buying your home with Help to Buy!

July 2018

Buying your first home can be a daunting and confusing time especially when deciding what the first step is. So we have put together 5 key steps to buying your home with Help to Buy.


Step One – The Help to Buy buyers Guide

It’s a good idea that you familiarise yourself with the Help to Buy Scheme before taking out an equity loan. This guide will ensure you know exactly what the scheme entails alongside the terms and conditions. This guide also includes examples of both, interest rates and repayment figures.

Step Two – Find out how much you can take out as a mortgage

You can seek financial help through an Independent Financial Advisor/ Mortgage Advisor. Our Help to Buy website contains a list of  recommended Independent Financial Advisors that frequently use the scheme, therefore have a good understanding of the process.

Click here for more information on Independent Financial Advisors.


Step Three – Discover your dream property with Help to Buy!


Take a look on our website and find your dream property.


Step Four – Appoint a Solicitor

Prior to applying for the Help to buy scheme you will need to appoint a solicitor.  You can access our list of recommended solicitors here, who reguularly work on the scheme and have developed a good knowledge of the process.

Step Five – Submit your application form!

The final step involves completion of the Help to Buy application form, you will need to sign/date the declaration form and send the full document back across to us along with a copy of your reservation form.

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