It's Moving Day!

July 2016

Once all of the waiting is over, you have got your keys and you are all set to move in to your brand new home, it’s time for the daunting part.

Moving house can be stressful if you don’t plan things properly. This blog will tell you exactly what you need to consider and hopefully it will ensure you have a smooth sailing moving day.

Our top five general moving tips will help you keep calm and happy on the big day:

  1. Label all of your boxes with which room they need to put in and a list of what is inside it. This may seem like a long task but it will things so much easier on the other end.
  2. If you are taking furniture apart to make moving easier, make sure you put screws and bolts in freezer bags and stick it to the relevant item with masking tape.
  3. Flatten some cardboard boxes and lay them on the floor to protect it from scratches when moving big items.
  4. Move big items in to your new home first to where you eventually want them. It will be much more difficult when there are boxes everywhere.
  5. Make sure that the lightbulbs work in all rooms to save on a trip to buy some more mid move.

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, but a little planning can help ensure you're not tearing your hair out on the day:

Before you move in, you need to ensure you know where the following are to save you panicking in an emergency later on.

  • Where is the mains stopcock (to shut off the water)?
  • Where are the gas and electricity metres?
  • Do any surfaces need special cleaning products?
  • What day are the bins collected?
  • Do you have any instruction manuals or warranties for electrical items?
  • Where did the kitchen and bathroom tiles come from (if one breaks you will be glad you asked)?
  • Where did any fixed furniture come from, for example, the kitchen cabinets?
  • Where is the thermostat?

When it comes to moving any furniture you have, think about it logically. Can you dissemble things so they are easier to move? Even if you think that you have a lot of stuff, hiring a van for a couple of hours might work out a lot cheaper than a removal company. Make sure you compare prices on to make sure you’re getting the best local deal. If you are heading down the external removals company, then be sure to check that they belong to the British Association of Removers.

If you have all the big plans such as moving furniture and all your belongings are packed up and ready to be moved, you may forget the little things.

Redirecting your post is extremely important. You can use the Royal Mail’s Postal Redirection Service to make sure that all your post still reaches you. When you are setting this up, you can choose from three, six or twelve months and longer if you’re still getting lots of post through after your initial period is up. Be aware that this isn’t a free service, and that it costs from £29.99 for three months per surname, so if you’re an unmarried couple or do not have the same surname, you may need to pay twice.

You should also bear in mind that your new house will need a general clean before you move in; tackle the dust by giving it a clean before you move your stuff in for a generally easier experience. It’s much harder to clean when there are boxes of things everywhere.

We at Help to Buy NEYH wish you luck if you are moving in to your new home soon.

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