How to: Furnish Your Home on a Budget

February 2016

So you have bought your house and you’ve done the hard part, now it’s time to make your house a home.

Considering the expense of buying a house, money might be a bit of an issue when you want to buy lots of new things to decorate it with.

If you have previously been renting or living with family or friends, you probably haven’t bought a lot of furniture, so it can be quite daunting to think you have to buy everything to go in to your new home.

We’ve created this blog to show you that furnishing your home doesn’t need to mean spending thousands of pounds on new things. In most new homes, appliances are integral and carpets, blinds and lighting fixtures are included.

Here are our top tips on how to furnish your home on a budget:

Tip #1

Sales are your best friend

It’s important to make sure you are shopping around for sales and reduced items. Depending on the time of year, you should keep an eye out for sales. For instance, January sales make all the difference after Christmas and items are usually reduced by 20-50%. If you’re moving home in between seasons, there could be sales on, as shops will want to get rid of old stock before the season comes in.

Another great way to find bargains is on websites such as Groupon or Living Social. They have top brand names stocked on their website for great deals so it is worth checking weekly to see new stock coming in.

Check out some ex-display furniture as most of the time they only have small imperfections that can’t really be noticed.

The best way to approach buying things for your new house is to either save a bit of money from each salary so you can go and buy things or just buy a few items here and there along the way so it gradually builds up.

Remember to keep a list of items you have bought so you can keep track!

Tip #2

Second-hand could be the answer

The stigma attached to hand me downs has pretty much diminished due to freecycle centres and websites such as eBay. You can get some amazing pieces from people who don’t want, or have no need, for items anymore.

You can search your local area to find bargains, which can make it easier to pick up an item, as sometimes the only option you are given is to pick up the item yourself.

Sometimes people will be selling due to downsizing/redecorating/emigrating, so you can get some real good bargains.

Tip #3

Bring an old piece of furniture back to life

If you have furniture that you have acquired along the years but they’re looking a bit tired, you could fix them up! Whether it is a table that needs a lick of paint, or cushions with tears in them, it could be cheaper for you to repair them than buy new.

If you want a bit of a style change you could keep the base of your lamp but just replace the shade – minimal cost, maximum change!

For items such as dining tables, sanding down the surface and repainting them can totally change the way it looks, or if that is still too expensive you can buy temporary coverings like tablecloths and table runners to hide any blemishes.


For more ideas of how to furnish your home, check out our Pinterest boards for lots of new home inspiration.