Top 5 Interior trends 2018

February 2018
Decorating your home just became so much easier with our top 5 decor trends set to hit 2018.

1. Patterned plants

Indoor plants are staying on trend! Why not add some patterned leaves to the mix? Big leaves and bold patterns are going to be all the craze this year. You don't have to worry about spending excessive amounts of money for this either! You can get them cheap from your local garden centre.

Where? Bedroom and living room.

2. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is BACK. Colourful floor tiles add a stylish edge to any room. They'll be seen on kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, bedroom walls and even bedsheets. Everyone is going to be talking about the terrazzo pattern, watch this space!

Where? Kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

3. Mixed metallic

Embrace the edgy trend that is mixed metallics. No need to coordinate! Mix silver with rose gold, copper with gold... why not? The trends aren't telling us not to!

Where? You'll see these trends mainly in kitchens and bathrooms... and for extra edgy people, they'll style this in their living room.

4. Wall art

Minimalistic walls are out and creative walls are in. Add some imagery and some bold colours to your walls for 2018's latest look. We love this trend as it lends itself to the most creative interior designers!

Where? Living room and bedroom.

5. Brights

Bold pigments are still set to be hot this year. Peacock blue is predicted to be a popular colour, as well as burnt orange and greens. Neutrals are still in, but adding a pop of colour is on the up.

Where? Every room!