How to: Make a room feel bigger

December 2016

If you've not got the most space in your house, you can follow this blog and utilise your what you've got!

Before buying any new furniture or designing a room, make sure you measure everything up first so you know what will fit and where.

Get to know the flow of your home: think about how you move around the space and move your furniture accordingly, making clear pathways to avoid frustration and bumping to things.
Get organised: sort out your belongings and throw out anything you no longer use. This will refresh your home and give you more space to work with.

Using a pale, neutral colour palette throughout your home makes it feel larger than having every room a different colour; your home flow much better. The same goes for flooring; using the same throughout will avoid a disjointed feel. Paler colours also naturally make a room feel more spacious.

Be creative with your storage; utilise vertical and overhead space. Corner shelves are particular useful for making the most of dead space. Even narrow spaces can be used with thin pull out cabinets and skinny coffee tables.

Multipurpose furnishings are you best friend: beds with storage underneath, hollow ottomans and tables, anything that doubles up as furniture and storage will free up space to create a clutter-free area. Fold up furniture is also handy to free up space.

Another clever trick is to use see-through or clear furniture to make the room feel less cluttered and look more light and spacious.

Make sure you let in plenty of light: this will make you apartment feel more open and spacious, so avoid heavy curtains and add plenty of light fixtures.

Make use of mirrors: they create depth making your space look bigger – prop one opposite a window to create the illusion of another window.

Clutter is the enemy: don’t fill small rooms up with lots of decorations; choose one distinct piece to display, and stick to one colour/shade for simplicity.

Awkward features can be utilised: turn cubbyholes into seating areas, a home office or storage spaces.

Create the illusion of more space with tricks such as ceiling to floor curtains to make a room appear higher, and furniture with legs to visually increase the size of a room.