Christmas Eve traditions

December 2016

Christmas Eve is a magical night for adults and kids alike. The anticipation of Santa coming to visit and the excitement to see the joy on your loved ones faces is exactly what the 24th December is about.
We’ve packed this blog full of ideas about what you can do on Christmas Eve with your family and children to start the festivities early.
Christmas Eve boxes
A lot of parents give their children a ‘busy box’ on Christmas Eve. Pack the busy box full of things like colouring books, pencils, Christmas PJs and reindeer dust. Also, most new build houses don’t have chimneys but you can buy a big 'magic' key to hang on your front door so that Father Christmas can still get in and leave all of the presents under the tree!
You can also put some paper in there so that they can write Santa a letter and leave it out with some mince pies and a glass of cold milk, not forgetting the carrot for Rudolf…
Christmas dinner for the birds
Why not buy some bird feeders and get your kids to hang them out in the garden so that the birds can have their own Christmas dinner the next day?
You could also get some tinsel and baubles and decorate any trees/plants that you have to add some festive cheer.
Christmas Eve walk
If you’ve been prepared this year, you won’t have too much to do on Christmas Eve.
So why not get the family and go on a lovely walk? Wait until it goes a bit darker and you’ll be able to see all of the lovely lights around your local area.
Perfect for tiring everybody out and getting in the festive mood!
Christmas stories
Start a tradition and light some candles, put the tree lights on, don your Christmas pyjamas and read a Christmas story with the kids!
Doing this after baths and before hanging up their stockings will create a calm yet exciting end to the day.
Or if stories aren’t your thing, put on a Christmas film and settle down with some hot chocolate!
Track Santa
Norad is a wonderful app that let’s you track Father Christmas’ location! It’s a wonderful activity for the kids so they can see when he’ll be on his way to your house!
Write letters to your kids
Each Christmas Eve you can write a letter to your child, summing up the past year and all the fun things you got up to.
Choose a date that you want to give them the letters and then in the future you can have a lovely reminisce about Christmas’ gone by!
Toys for other children
Another great idea is to get your kids to pick some toys that they no longer play with and ask them to put it in to a Christmas stocking or sack for other kids that don’t have as many toys as them.
Then get them to leave it near the Christmas tree with a letter to Santa asking him to take them away and give them to less fortunate children.
All you have to do is pop them in your car the next morning (before they come down and see what Santa has left for them) and take them to a charity shop when they’re next open.
It’ll teach them valuable lessons as well as donating to charity!