How to: De-stress this Christmas

December 2016

The build up to Christmas can be stressful, but follow our top tips to make sure that on the big day you can sit back and relax!
Nobody wants to spend Christmas Day arguing but we’ve research in to ways that you can prepare now and you can thank us later.
Tip #1 – Batteries
If you’ve got kids, you’ll know just how many gifts will require batteries. You can picture the scene: your child opens their brand new toy and can’t get it out of the box fast enough – only to find out that it needs 4 x AAA and you’ve only got 2 X AA from the remote control.
Stock up on batteries now to save the disappointment of your little ones on December 25th – it’s worth it!
Tip #2 – Updates
If you’re buying xbox/PlayStation/PC games this Christmas for those who prefer a gaming gift, don’t forget to do all the updates before Christmas Day!
There’s nothing worse than being excited to play the latest game that you’ve been waiting to get for months and finally putting it in the console, only to find out that you’ve got 3 updates that take 20 minutes each to do.
Save the hassle and update all the required systems beforehand and you can also check that it actually works.
Tip #3 – Music
There’s nothing worse than finally sitting down after cooking a Christmas dinner for your family and then the Christmas CD cuts out or has started again for the 3rd time.
There are tonnes of music services that you can sign up to and get a free trial such as Spotify or Apple Music. Best of all, you can make your own playlist so you can put something on to please everyone!
Hopefully our top 3 tips will de-stress your Christmas Day and you can sit back and relax with a tipple or two and have the most wonderful day.