10 reasons to buy new

August 2019
Whether you’re a first time buyer looking to step on the property ladder or you’re currently a homeowner looking to move, you’ve probably considered buying a new build home.
So, whatever stage you're at, we’re here to tell you 10 reasons to make a new build home your next home.


Hand pick your plot

Often when buying on a new development, the developer will give you the chance to reserve off plan. This means you can cherry pick your home before its been built.
Unlike buying an older home, you can take a look at the site plan, decide where you’d like to live on the development, and reserve your new home. By looking at a site plan, you can get a good vision of the garden size, parking and garage.


Home guarantee

Choose your home and move with confidence. Your new home comes with a 10-year NHBC warranty. This is essentially an insurance policy for new build homes that is taken out by the developer to protect you, the buyer.
Also, most new homes come with a 2 year fixtures and fittings warranty. This is called the ‘defects period’, which means you're covered if there are any defects in your home within the first two years after you’ve moved in.
So, once your home is built, the warranty is split into two periods – the defects period and the NHBC warranty.

During the first two years in your new home, if there are any issues with the building work, you're covered. During the structural insurance period (NHBC), the developer is responsible for major problems with the structure of the house. Smaller, non-structural defects such as guttering work is considered the buyers responsibility after the first two years.
Thanks to guarantees and warrantees, you won’t be stung by unexpected repairs or renovation costs in the first few years after moving in.

Cost effective

A new build home is more energy efficient than an older property. Due to technological advances, all new homes have to adhere to minimum standards for energy efficiency, meaning you could save money in the long run.
Research suggests that new build homes are up to four times more energy efficient than older properties.
According to Energy performance certificate data, 84.4% of new builds have the top A or B rating for energy efficiency compared to just 2.2% of existing homes. This means that living in a new build home could save you up to £629 a year on heating, hot water and lighting.
Also, because your new home will have brand new fixtures and fittings, you should have minimal redecoration costs for the first few years.

Personalize your home

Often when buying a new home, you can choose your kitchen, bathroom, tiles and optional upgrades that make your new home yours. 
So, you can add your own personal touches without having to worry about installing them yourself. Sounds good, right? 

Once you have your completion day, you can rest in the knowledge that your brand new home will be waiting for you with all your choices installed and ready!


When buying a new home, often developers offer incentives along with their new homes. Whether it be an upgraded kitchen, money towards legal fees or turf, you could bag some major incentives in with the cost of your new home.

Blank canvas

A new home means you can start from scratch; fresh paint, fresh tiling, fresh kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you’ve decided to upgrade or not, your new home is still brand new, ready for you to make your own.
When you move in, you don’t have to worry about buying all new appliances because they’re already there. Plus, no other owners will have touched your home, so you can design it exactly how you want.

Safety and security

You can have peace of mind in the knowledge that new homes come with the latest security essentials so you don’t have to worry about installing them once you’ve moved in. Everything from stronger windows and doors, to smoke detectors and burglar alarms.
This can help bring the cost of your buildings and contents insurance down.

You can live a care-free lifestyle so you can enjoy your home, not work on it.

Smooth process

When you’re the first owner of a home, you don’t have to wait for someone to move out of the property before you move in, so you can get moving as soon as your home is ready. Unlike buying an older property, you can reserve in the knowledge that there won’t be any severe delays in your buying chain. This will remove a lot of stress and time from your buying process and get you moving a lot quicker.


There is a range of home buying options that help buyers when they buy a new home, which means you don’t need a huge deposit and you can concentrate on finding that perfect home and settling in.
Help to Buy
You can buy a brand new home with just a 5% deposit using the help to buy scheme.
Available to first time buyers and current homeowners, the scheme allows you to buy a new build home up to the value of £600,000. The government will lend you up to 20% of the cost of your new build home, which means you’ll only need a 5% deposit and a 75% mortgage to make up the rest. 
Shared Ownership
Shared ownership allows you to buy a percentage of a home if you can’t quite afford to buy on the open market.
You buy between a 25% and 75% share, based on your affordability and make a small monthly payment to us for the remaining share. After one year of owning your home, you have the option to buy more shares, this is called ‘staircasing’. The more shares you purchase, the lower your monthly rent payments are. 

Help to Buy ISA

Make the most of the low deposit by saving for a brand new home using the Help to Buy ISA. Available to first time buyers, the ISA helps when seeking a mortgage for homes that may otherwise be out of their budget, or to get better mortgage proposals (perhaps less interest).

When saving with the Help to Buy ISA, the government will top up any contributions you make by 25% - up to the total contribution limit of £12,000. This means you can earn a maximum of £3000 from the government within the ISA.

Read more about the Help to Buy ISA here.