Top 5 design mistakes to avoid

August 2016

When deciding on the interior colour scheme that you want for your brand new home, or even if you just want to revamp a room in your house, it’s easy to stick with what you know and make a design faux pas.

We’ve put this blog together to identify the top 5 design mistakes people make when decorating their home.
Tip No.1 – Not testing paint colours
If you’ve already made your mind up on the colour you want your living room to be and you head over to your local DIY shop, buy enough tins to do the job and get home and start painting, only to find out that you’ve picked the wrong shade and you don’t actually like the colour in the room can be an expensive mistake to make.
The best and cheapest way to find out what colours you actually like is to buy some sample pots and some large white paper and paint samples to stick up around your desired room to see which colour suits the room best.
Leave them up for a couple of days to see the colours in different light, as they may appear lighter or darker than you had anticipated. This will allow you to choose a lighter or darker shade to accommodate the difference.
Tip No.2 – Curtains that are too short
A curtain is a tricky thing to master believe it or not. A couple of inches can be the difference between chic and a disaster. Curtains should always touch the floor or at most be an inch off the floor. You should also hang your curtains high to make your ceilings look taller, we suggest hanging them around 1-3” from your ceiling.
Taking this in to consideration, you shouldn’t have the curtains pooling on the floor as they can get in the way and just collect dust.
Tip No.3 – Getting matching furniture
Having a matching three-piece suite is no longer the stylish thing to own. Nowadays it’s all about furniture that compliments each other, such as sofas that are the same colour but different styles and fabrics, or side tables that are made of the same materials as the coffee table but different styles. This will create a really modern, creative space that people will absolutely love.
Tip No.4 – Hanging art & pictures
If you like to have pictures on the wall but are stuck for an idea about how to arrange them, you could make the mistake of just making up positions and then ending up with pictures too high or too far apart.
Drawing out the design that you want arrangement to be in is a much easier way to visualise what it will look like. We suggest drawing out the size of the photo frames on paper, cutting them out and sticking them up in the arrangement you want, making sure they’re level and evenly spread makes for an easier experience.
You can even put the nails in through the paper, marking where the hangers are and simply tear the paper off once they’re up to make it as easy as possible.
Tip No.5 – Choosing a rug that is too small/big
There is nothing worse than spending money on something that ends up not fitting in the room. A rug should be large enough that all four legs of the furniture should be able to fit on it comfortably, in the same breath, it shouldn’t be big enough to make the furniture that’s on it look small by being too big.
By having a rug that is too small can make your room look smaller, as can a rug that’s too big. It’s important to measure the size of the furniture going on top of it as well as the size of your room to make sure you get the perfect rug.