How to organise your kitchen

August 2016

In celebration of The Great British Bake Off returning to our screens this evening, we’ve created this blog packed full of tips on how to organise your kitchen so you can join in the baking fun as well!
Kitchen Cupboards
First things first, you need to empty your cupboards out and throw away anything that is out of date. We all do it; we buy things and then forget about them and before you know it, it’s past its best.

Also clear out things that you’ve had for ages and never used, there’s no point wasting space on things that will sit there forever more.

Keep your cupboards tidy by:
  • Buying only what you need. If you’re baking, check what ingredients you already have instead of just buying everything again!
  • Using jars to keep ingredients airtight, or close open packets with clips.
  • Dedicating a cupboard for dry, canned and preserved foods.
  • Use top shelves for rarely used ingredients with long use by dates, but regularly check the dates to save them going off without being used.
  • Organise foods or ingredients into different categories – baking, sweet, savoury, condiments, etc. This way you can keep on track of what you have and what you need easily.
Kitchen Drawers
It’s easy to just shove things in drawers, out of sight out of mind, but this isn’t always the best mind set to have in the kitchen.

Keep your drawers organised by:
  • Keeping your top or main drawer for everyday cutlery and use a cutlery tray or tidy to make sure it’s all kept neat and easily accessible.
  • Dedicate separate drawer to sharp knives and other small utensils, or storing these in a knife blog or magnetic tidy on the kitchen worktop if you’re strapped for drawer space.
  • Using extra drawers to store plastic wrap, tin foil, greaseproof paper, freezer bags and other baking items like cupcake cases or piping equipment. 
Once you’ve organised your kitchen and everything is in it’s place, cooking and baking will be much more pleasant.

We hope you enjoy GBBO as much as we do here at Help to Buy NEYH!