Moving house with kids

August 2016

If you've bought your dream home and you're preparing for the big move, you might be worried about the big day with your children. 

Research has shown that the earlier you tell your children about the move, the better, but it is easy to think that the later you tell them, the less time they will have to worry. Children need time to get used to the idea of moving house, so don't put off telling them. 

If you tell them about it in the early stages once you have found the home you want to purchase and the process has begun, it will make them feel involved. 

Highlight all of the positive reasons for moving, such as new friends, a garden to play in, nearby parks etc. Make it a big adventure for them and keep upbeat and excited around them regarding the move. 

We've created this list of top tips to make sure the big move goes well! 

Top Tip #1 

Before the move 

Be positive about the move. If your kids can see how excited you are about the move, it will reassure them and make them feel excited too. Make sure that you involve them, you can do this by: 

  • answering any questions they have about the process, 

  • telling them about what will happen on moving day, 

  • let them get involved with packing boxes up. 

Before moving is the best time to declutter, so instead of decided what to get rid of, you could include your children in the decision process and let them create a box for charity for less fortunate children. 

If you are using a removal firm, ensure that your children's belongings are put on last so you can take them off first at the new house. If you set up their room first, it will be a little familiar get away when everything is going on around them! 

As well as making a moving day 'survival kit' for yourself, make sure you pack a bag for your kids which includes essentials such as nappies, change of clothes but also toys, favourite pajamas and some tasty treats. 

Top Tip #2 

Saying goodbye 

This can be a very hard part of moving for children so make sure that they have a chance to say goodbye properly. 

You could organize a small leaving party and take photos of all their friends so that they can add to scrapbook which also shows their own house and area you're moving from. You could continue this with a page in the scrapbook that says 'our next adventure' to make it feel exciting and then document the next stage! 

Make sure that they also have all their friends addresses, telephone number and emails so that they can keep in contact. 

Top Tip #3 

Meeting new people 

It's important to meet your neighbours once you've moved in to your new home. If there are children on your new road, encourage your children to go and say hi, kids make friends a lot quicker than adults so it shouldn't be a problem. 

Try going for a walk around your new local area with your family and any pets you have. You're bound to meet new faces and your children will feel more confident saying hi if you are around. 

Top Tip #4 

Older children 

Even though older children are more likely to understand why you're moving home, they can still find it difficult to adapt to a new place. Make sure you have frequent conversations with them about their new school (if that is the case) and try and be lenient when it comes to having new and old friends over to the house. Socialising with old and new friends is the perfect remedy for homesickness and means that everybody can enjoy the new house together. 

It's also good to give them freedom to have an input in to the decoration of their new bedroom. If you let them put their mark on their bedroom, it can be the difference in feeling comfortable and being happy in their own space. 

We hope that you and your family love your new house and make many happy memories there!