Autumn interior trends 2016

August 2016

As much as we hate the thought of summer ending next month, the autumn interior trends that are coming up are very exciting!

To achieve the ultimate ‘show home’ vibe, you should pick a palette with colours that compliment each other that you can apply in each room to keep a theme running through your home. 

We’ve created this blog to show you the top 10 colour trends for this autumn.

  1. Grey

This years neutrals come in the form of a palette of winter greys. With it’s cool tones, this moody shade is in the spotlight for autumn. It provides a great base colour to add different tones and colours to it to create the perfect room in your home.
  1. Pink 

We’re not talking bright pink here, we’re talking sunset on an autumn evening kind of pink, somewhat dusky. It adds a perfectly refined accent to any room that it is applied to. It’s calming and vintage and pairs perfectly with grey!
  1. White

Don’t underestimate this colour. It’s not as bland and boring as you may think. It provides a perfect base colour, one that is noncommittal and gives you the opportunity to add whatever colour you want without a huge cost of redecorating every time you change your mind about the scheme you want in your home.
  1. Midnight blue

This is definitely one for the later autumn months, which will cross over in to winter very easily. This is for those of you that prefer a much richer colour scheme. You can create the perfect nautical theme using this colour with white and soft yellows.
  1. Copper

Copper is the perfect accent colour to add to any room, be it your kitchen, living room or even bathroom. It’s such an on trend colour at the moment especially when paired with grey and white. You can add copper in to your home with accessories such as photo frames, light fittings and kitchen utensils!
  1. Yellow

To accommodate the autumn months, bright yellow is out of the question. We’re thinking soft yellows and mustard colours in the form of cushions, bedding, rugs or curtains. This colour will transform your room from drab to fab in no time.
  1. Mint green

This colour is perfect for bathrooms and downstairs toilets. It’s fresh, bright and clean. The best way to incorporate this in to your house is via towels, bathmats and candles.
  1. Lilac

Lilac is a great colour for living rooms. You can create a cosy atmosphere in your living room by pairing this colour with grey, such as grey sofas with various shades of lilac in the form of cushions, throws and rugs. The grey will provide the wintery shades and the lilac will add a fresh burst of colour.
  1. Olive green

Olive green goes great in spare rooms or a home office. This is a super easy colour to add to a room and gives you a great excuse to get loads of indoor plants around the room.
  1. Burnt orange

Burnt orange is the ultimate autumn colour. Emulating the autumn leaves in your home, perfect for creating a cosy bedroom or living room. You can incorporate this by adding bedding, throws, wall art, and pillows and if you’re feeling brave you can really take the plunge and paint a feature wall!

We hope that with this blog you can create the ultimate autumnal home!