Top tips on moving home with your dog

April 2016

Moving is stressful for everyone but especially for your pets. Dogs and cats in particular become very attached to their own territory and will need care and attention when you move home.

To coincide with National Pet Month, we’ve created this blog, which will help you make your move as stress free as possible for both you and your dogs.

Tip #1 – Kennels

Move in day is usually very busy and you don’t have a minute to sit down between unpacking boxes and figuring out your new home.

As an owner, you will be worried about your dog not settling down or getting lost in their new home. If you’re worried about your dog and how they will cope, you could consider putting them into a kennel for the duration of the move.

This is a great way to minimise the stress they will experience and it also means you can make a big fuss of them when they come home!

Tip #2 – Create a familiar area

With all the disruption that comes with moving home, it is important to create a familiar area in your new home for your dog as soon as possible.

Keep this in mind when you’re packing up your stuff, and make a box full of their toys, bed, food bowls and some treats and keep make sure it’s unpacked in time for their arrival so they feel more comfortable.

Getting new things is the best thing about moving in to a new house but try and hold off throwing the old ones away until your pet is settled in. They will really appreciate having their familiar belongings around, especially the scent of them.

Tip #3 – Pheromones

It’s easy for pets to get stressed, but they don’t have any way to tell us what is wrong. So big changes such as moving home can cause unwanted behaviour from your dog.

An alternative to medications for stressed dogs are pheromone based products. These products are said to mimic natural dog pheromones and come in various forms including sprays, plug-in diffusers, wipes and collars.

They help to calm your dog when they inhale them. A good tip is to spray the pheromones inside your dogs’ carrier before you transport them to the new house. This should keep them calm and minimise the stress of the move.

Tip #4 – Give them the grand tour

When you arrive at your new home, try and ensure one room is sorted out so that your dog can stay out of the chaos of unloading all of your belongings.

Once you have moved in to your home it is important to familiarise your dog with their new surroundings as soon as possible.

One way to do this is to try and accompany them around your new home for the first time so that they don’t feel overwhelmed or scared.

Tip #5 – Update their information

It’s not just your own information you need to update when you’ve moved. Before you let your dog out of the house, you should make sure that their ID tag on their collar has been changed to your new address and new contact details in case they ever get lost.

Register them at your new local vet if you have moved a considerable distance.