Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy properties are new build homes for rent. The rents are approximately 20% cheaper than similar properties on the open market and it is expected that you will use the discount to help you save for a deposit to purchase a home in the future.

If you wish to apply for a Rent to Buy property please contact the Housing Association/Registered Provider directly who will advise you on their application process.

How do I qualify for Rent to Buy?
To qualify for Rent to Buy you must be:
  • A working household intending to buy your own home in the future
  • A first-time buyer or returning to the market following a relationship breakdown.
Will I have to purchase the property that I am renting?
Not necessarily- the discounted rent will give you the chance to save for a deposit to buy any house in the future.
Can I buy that house using schemes like Shared Ownership?
You may be able to buy it through Shared Ownership if the Registered Provider agrees to this and if you still fit the criteria at that point. 
What will happen after my initial tenancy agreement ends?
If you are in a position to buy, the Registered Provider may discuss selling this to you. They may continue rolling your tenancy agreement or convert to this to a market rent property after this time.


Rent to Buy Process

1. Find a house via our property search
2. Contact the relevant Registered Provider to discuss their application process.