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Scheme: Help to Buy
Developer: Citu
Development: Climate Innovation District
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Property Features:

At Citu, we believe that great design doesn't need to cost the earth, or your time. That's why the Citu Home makes it as easy as possible to live a sustainable lifestyle while keeping your time free to enjoy what you like doing best.

We've partnered with world leaders in sustainability to build a house so efficient that it will dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

The Citu Home is the height of Scandinavian luxury. A triple height void space brings natural light flooding into the house, and floor to ceiling windows look out onto the Secret Garden that leads down to the river bank.

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a downstairs WC mean plenty of space for family and guests, whilst the spacious open plan kitchen, dining and living room is perfect for entertaining.

House type 1's features:

  • Scandinavian Design
  • Low carbon build
  • Triple height void space
  • Smart home technology built-in as standard
  • Control your home and manage your energy consumption 24/7 through Actuate
  • Designed to be one of the most energy-efficient houses in the world
  • Central Heating system and boiler is no longer required, helping you reduce your carbon footprint

Property Overview:

Our houses won't help you to live a contemporary lifestyle, mainly because we don't know what it means.

We tried to figure it out, we even hired a top brand agency to work it out for us and we still came out with nothing.

So, you'll never hear us talk that way.

What we do like to talk about is design, sustainability, innovation & technology, and how we put it all together to create mixed used urban developments that help us to achieve our purpose: To accelerate the transition to zero carbon cities.

That's what gets us excited. And that's what the Climate Innovation District is built do to.

That's why you won't find any house types called the Barcelona, or the Madrid. We thought about it, but then we remembered, the Climate Innovation District is being built in Leeds.

No gimmicks, no sales talk. Just sustainable homes, designed well in a great location.

At the cutting edge of sustainability 

An air-tight thermal envelope locks in heat and an MVHR system brings in a constant flow of fresh air whilst retaining heat given off by people and appliances, meaning for most of the year your Citu Home won't need any heating at all. This way of building is so effective that central heating systems and boilers aren't required.

Working at the cutting edge of sustainability means your Citu Home will need less than one tenth of the heating an average UK home requires. All this will save over four tonnes of CO2 per year on average. And that's just the start. Renewably powered by rooftop solar panels and topped off with a green roof to improve biodiversity, the Citu Home can be your no.1 weapon in the fight against climate change.

Smart home technology built-in as standard

This isn't about gimmicks and toys, this is smart home technology with a purpose.

Smart home technology is all about retrofitting of plug-ins throughout the house. We don't think there's anything smart about that. So, the Citu Home comes with it already built-in as standard meaning you'll be able to control and monitor your heating from your phone and manage your energy consumption 24/7. Plus, our Home and Away switch feature lets you save energy by turning off unnecessary appliances whilst your out and about.

The Climate Innovation District

Practice yoga in the morning surrounded by lush vegetation along the riverside, read your papers on the hammocks or just watch the world go by with your feet in the river. This is City Centre living, but not as you know it.

You might think you have to choose between a house surrounded by open green spaces far from the city, or a cramped apartment in the city centre. But the Climate Innovation District means there is no need to compromise.

Over half of the Climate Innovation District is open green space. Lose yourself in the Secret Garden, play with youthful exuberance in the Wind in the Willows or just sit and relax on Solar Avenue. Each place within the Climate Innovation District has its own unique identity.

When you live in the Climate Innovation District, your stressful commute into the city will be a thing of the past. Trade a morning stuck in traffic for one with a relaxing stroll along the river bank into the city. The Climate Innovation District is just a two-minute walk away from Leeds dock, over the new pedestrian bridge we are building across the River Aire. This is all about freeing up your time to enjoy the things that you love the most.

Under-croft car parking means no roads break up the landscape, and kids will be able to walk to the excellent nearby school without having to cross any busy roads. If you need a car then electric car charging infrastructure comes as standard with all parking spaces, making it easy to install the exact charger your car will need and switch to zero carbon transport.

Every single aspect of the Climate Innovation District and Citu Home have been designed with sustainability at its core.

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